Geographical Indications Cell | Vanijya Mitra

GI Product: Bidriware

Origin: Bidriware is a craft exclusive to Bidar, 16th century capital town of Bahamani Sultan. 

History: The skill in this art was developed during the time of Ahmed Shah Bahamani (1422 A.D – 1436 A.D), who was a lover of art and literature and had set up a training centre for Bidri workers at Bidar. This art was encouraged by the Nizams also. The crafts follow both traditional and modern designs.

Uniqueness: Bidiware is an alloy of zinc, copper and other non -ferrous metals.

The motifs adopted were generally from the fort of Bidar.

GI Product: Channapatna Toys & Dolls

Origin: Town of Channapatna, currently in Ramanagara District in Karnataka, situated on the State Highway (60 km) from Bangalore to Mysore, and one of the considerably oldest towns. 

History: Channapatna Toys and dolls come in different colours (Lacquerware products). The term lacquerware products, also used for Channapatna Toys is manufactured in Channapatna. The Toys and Dolls are coated with lac in a variety of colours.

Uniqueness: Lacquerware is made from light wood which is soft and well suited to the turning machine and ideally suited for lacquering.

The primary raw material used for toys is ‘hale’ wood which is turned on the lathe to different shapes.

While the wood is rotating on the lathe, lac in the form of sticks in a variety of colours Is held against turning wood. The heat generated by the friction melts the lac and helps to apply the colours uniformly.