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Experience the joy of handcrafted, colourful, lacquerware toys that is distinctly Channapatna.

GI Product: Channapatna Toys & Dolls

Channapatna toys add a artisanal touch to your environment, giving your home or office decor a unique character. Flexible forms and dazzling colours add to the versatility of these wooden carvings . Buy these fantastic affordable Channapatna Toys today.

Origin: Town of Channapatna, currently in Ramanagara District in Karnataka, situated on the State Highway (60 km) from Bangalore to Mysore, and one of the considerably oldest towns. 

History: Channapatna Toys and dolls come in different colours (Lacquerware products). The term lacquerware products, also used for Channapatna Toys is manufactured in Channapatna. The Toys and Dolls are coated with lac in a variety of colours.

Uniqueness: Lacquerware is made from light wood which is soft and well suited to the turning machine and ideally suited for lacquering.

The primary raw material used for toys is ‘hale’ wood which is turned on the lathe to different shapes.

While the wood is rotating on the lathe, lac in the form of sticks in a variety of colours Is held against turning wood. The heat generated by the friction melts the lac and helps to apply the colours uniformly.