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Welcome to Karnataka! The Geographical Indications Hub of India!

Take a tour of the State’s traditional legacy and artisanal products known as Geographical Indication (GI) tagged products… 

  • Leader in the country with maximum GI tags numbering 42!
  • GI Coffee Hub of India with 5 out of 7 coffee varieties registered as GI products in the State
  • First State in the country with an Exclusive GI Policy to protect artisan/legacy products launched in May, 2019
  • Mysore is the GI Hub of Karnataka, with 9 GI Tagged Products in the region
  • Mysore Silk is the first registered GI of Karnataka
  • Mysore Sandal Soap, prides of a 100 plus years history!
  • Dharwad Pedha is the first registered GI in the food stuff segment both in India and Karnataka!