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Experience the crafts of both traditional and modern designs that adopt motifs from the fort of Bidar.

GI Product: Bidriware

Bidriware is a blackened alloy of zinc, copper and other non -ferrous metals inlaid with thin sheets of pure silver. The skilled work of inlaying silver and gold on the alloy and producing valuable articles is very special

Origin: Bidriware is a craft exclusive to Bidar, 16th century capital town of Bahamani Sultan. 

History: The skill in this art was developed during the time of Ahmed Shah Bahamani (1422 A.D – 1436 A.D), who was a lover of art and literature and had set up a training centre for Bidri workers at Bidar. This art was encouraged by the Nizams also. The crafts follow both traditional and modern designs.

Uniqueness: Bidiware is an alloy of zinc, copper and other non -ferrous metals.

The motifs adopted were generally from the fort of Bidar.